April Review

Even if it is already mid of May, it is a good time to review my April resolutions.
Sport and meditation were the mottoes for April, and it was fun, but it was not easy.

The results:

I did sport regularly but didn’t manage to increase the number of sports sessions weekly. Twice a week – that’s it. I still have got the ambition for more, but in the last weeks, it didn’t work. One reason was that I spent a lot of time travelling, walking and visiting constructions sites. A site visit is probably my favourite part of the architecture work, but it is one the most exhausted as well. For one, mostly two hours I am exposed to all of the questions, problems and ideas of client and builder. It is exciting: I can see how my drawn ideas become a real building, and I can make further decisions on design, furniture, etc. This is probably the most important reason why I love to be an architect.
Anyway, running up and down through a construction site, plus an hour walk and another hour on the train kept me away from the run in the park.
Of course, there is the yoga studio or the Zumba class, but those were missed because of simple laziness and bad organisation. Unfortunately.
I didn’t manage to book classes in the new yoga studio around the corner. And when I did it at least, it was two weeks ago; there was suddenly so much to do in the office that I saw myself forced to cancel the class.
This week, Wednesday finally I went there, and it was fantastic!

Meditation and respectively mindfulness were easier to practice. Unregulated I followed the headspace journey with Alex and every time I was happy to feel released and relax after the session. The sessions are only 10min long, which is the perfect length for beginners and guided by Alex voice one have a small, pleasant journey through the own inner world.

The point of starting with sport and meditation was to create a strong foundation for mental and body health, which helps for dealing with stress, and to adopt those two activities as a part of my daily life and make them to habits.
After one month I wouldn’t say that one of both became my habit, but I would say that I miss them if I don’t practice them for a while. This was the case recently when I went on holiday. This fact makes me believe that if I stay on my sport and meditation schedule after a while, they will become part of my everyday habits, which is my long-term goal.

Here is a picture of my April’s resolution sheet:


For every next month, I will keep sport and meditation on top of it and will only add the current month resolutions.

The lesson

At some point I realised that I expected too much from myself: I wanted to come home after an 8-hours working day, do sport, write a blog post, work on my freelance graphic project, spending time with partner and relaxing, of I forgot the social media …  Anyway, it was not possible. Even if I am happy to spend my Saturday evenings at home sitting in front of my laptop, I started missing my friends, phone those who live abroad, read a book, going out, or just spent time without doing something “meaningful”.
What I learned is that I need the balance between working and spending time outside. I don’t mean to go to the pub every weekend, but going out to meet friends or colleagues, visiting exhibitions, going to theatre and cinema, just being part of the real outside world.

For this reason are the May resolutions Loose Ends and every free minute will be spend under the blue sky, or at least outside of my house.

Enjoy your weekend (outside) and see you soon

Yours, Eva


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