Spring resolutions (part 1)

In 7 days is the official beginning of the spring and another ten days later April starts. To set up resolutions that start on the 1st of April, appearance like an April joke. However, I concentrate on the easiness and abandon, that the Spring and the month April represent.

Before April starts there are a few small resolutions that I want to do:

1. Using an analogue diary and find out which layout suits best for my needs
2. Cleaning up my email account and seeking my old Gmail account
3. Setting up a birthday book

Using an analogue diary

In high-tech times like nowadays, it happens to me, not very often, but let’s say once every three months, that I forget a meeting or a birthday, or an exciting social event, not to mention exhibition opening evenings, or professional events, etc. The list is unfortunately long.
Of course, nothing in this world “just happen” – the truth is that I forget to put the dates in my diary, or I bring them on the personal calendar but not on the professional one.  For some reason, if I synchronise my phone with my computer at the office, all my dates appears in my work calendar, which everyone can see. I don’t like this.
That’s why I decided to start an analogue calendar, a real one, made from paper.
One positive aspect of buying dairy middle of March is that they are cheap. For £2 I got a simple, slim, black diary, with the weekday’s overview on the left-hand side of each page, and one page to notice on the another side. It’s nothing very special, but I hope it will help me to stay on track with my dates.


I will try this one for the next two weeks and see if it’s the right one. I like to have enough space to write a couple of notes and to be able to put more than two dates on one day. I am not quite sure yet, but in two weeks I will know more.

Cleaning up my email account and seeking my old Gmail account

For longer than a decade I use a German email account, provided by www.gmx.de.
When I went to Germany the most of the people there recommended it to me, and I created my first email account there. It is simple, and it is for free, and for years I never had any problems with it.
Unfortunately a while ago they started to send their costumes email adverts. Also, GMX always had sent email adverts for their products, like GMX World, GMX Holiday Offers, etc. The latter disappeared automatically from the mailbox one week after delivering – a nice why of self-cleaning. But, the paid adverts from another company are always there, as long as I delete them manually. Trying to put those on the Spam list – GMX suggests me to get a paid account with less advert, which I don’t want. It is a shame what kind of marketing they are doing and losing costumers instead of winning new.

Well, I decided (before I quit GMX, which I don’t want) to clean up all of the adverts, to sort my private email’s, which includes answering the unanswered of them and try to find a way to get control over the adverts. If it works great, if not, I have to quite it.
At the same time, I need to find out what happened with my old Gmail account. I know that I have one, but I don’t remember either the name nor the password. I’ve done the conventional recovering procedure from Gmail a couple of times, but it didn’t work. If someone knows how I can find my old account again – please write me about this!

Deadline for this work is the 21st of March – starting the spring with a clean mailbox. That sounds motivating to me, and it is a week from now. I think I can manage it.

Setting up a birthday book

This will be continued with the next post and presented together with the beginning of my framework for the next months. I will start with relationships and in this case with friendships as a basic for every amazing big project.


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