Creativity – the October Resolution

It’s true – the month is nearly over to set up a resolution for it. But even if I hadn’t announced it here, my topic for this month is creativity, and I kept it in mind over the last three weeks while working, travelling, and deciding on activities.
Well, one of my activity is my current image making course on Coursera, which enforce me to draw again more than once a week.

As a part of my continuously questioning, if I am doing the right steps towards freelancing, a kind of interesting idea came to my mind. It is very fresh to share it here, but it will happen, in the next weeks for sure. This idea was born so suddenly, that I even started rethinking the Elizabeth Gilbert’s idea regarding magic and creativity. I will write my observation to her book later here, but in general, I don’t agree with her.
For now, I need to work very intensively to bring my idea to life. And this affords a significant portion of creativity and tenacity.

And then last weekend we were in Rome, and I was thrilled about the simplicity and beauty of Italian design, culture, and life. Following this up a few thought on good design are wondering in my mind. This will be another post in the next days.

See back here soon.

Your, Eva

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