... is the reason for starting this blog.
The reason to spent so much time writing about stress and doing things against stress is that it quite stressful for me to have a full-time job and to try doing freelance jobs parallel.
I needed to figure out a way of doing both without burning out.
The program which I set up over the last weeks, works good, and I can see the first results, and hopefully soon the results become bigger.
But let's start from the beginning:

Why freelancing?

For me — because of the freedom. This has different aspects:

- The freedom to choose my working times and places
- The freedom to design and run a business as I like it
-  The freedom to be independent of an employer

Of course, each of those aspects has its downside, and I am going to describe those more detailed later.
For now, the question above is the one which everyone with ambitions of freelancing should answer. For some people the security of being employed it more important than every freedom. For another people, the idea of starting a business is just impossible because of the missing start capital. I believe that you don't need huge capital for the beginning if you set up your business while having a regular employer job. This is what I am doing and the reason for this blog.
And for some other people freelancing is just not an option — they are happy to be employed. Some of them work in big companies, have a lot of responsibility and the freedom about decisions, working places and time. Very often their professional environment is one which can not be easily replicated as a freelance business, and again: they are happy to be an employee, and this is perfectly fine.

If any of the description above fit to you and you are seriously thinking about freelancing, you should be able to say why do you want to do this? Well, start thinking, or keep reading... The next questions is:

What would you like to do?

The answer is not necessary the description of your current position.
Probably you like to do the same, but in your way. Or you like to expand your working field, or probably you like to start something entirely new.
Whatever your answer is, proof it very carefully.
If you are dreaming of being a coffee owner but never have worked in a coffee shop, it would be worth to spent a few weeks as a barista in your favourite coffee shop. Ideally, you would be able to do everything — from switching on the coffee machine in the early morning, up to ordering the delivery of coffee beans, milk, sugar, etc., bringing the bins outside, filing carefully the receptive for your taxes and organising the stuff plan for the upcoming week.
I mean everything!
When you start your own business, you are going to do everything alone.
And even if you start your business with employees it is valuable if the boss knows everything that the stuff has to do. This knowledge makes you authentic, credible, the guys working for your need to believe in your idea and you! Only if you demonstrate understanding about your business and know what you are talking about, they will trust you, work hard for you and support your vision — this is what you need right now!

A while ago I started doing some bookbinding. That was incredible! I love paper, and hand-craft work — bookbinding combines both perfectly. It didn't take long, and I started thinking to change career and start my own bookbinder business. I remember when I'd spoken to a good friend of mine about that, and I was very excited, but he just said: make first 100 books and decide afterwards if you still like to be a full-time bookbinder.
Well, this was around Christmas 3 years ago. For this Christmas, I did around ten books for presents for my friends. I did enjoy it, but after that, I didn't touch my book press for months.

Whenever I did bookbinding, I felt happy, relaxed and in the flow, but I couldn't imagine to give up architecture for it. When I write this here is quite clear and straight forward, but it wasn't like this for me for very long time. It took a while till I realised that I enjoy it to be an architect, to design and build houses, to see those "growing" when I go to site week after week.
That doesn't mean that I gave up bookbinding. No, not at all. I managed to convince my boyfriend to put my cutting machine in our tiny London flat and of course to keep my small book press.
I am still doing books, but it is more a hobby than a potential job. I can imagine to combine it with my graphic work and architecture, for example to small bookbinding edition of graphic books, but nothing more than that. And this is perfectly fine.

This decision one the most important that I made regarding freelancing. Now I have a hobby which I love and which makes me happy — I know what I want and what I don't want.
For this reason, I can hardly recommend you before doing anything else regarding freelancing find out what you would like to do and what you don't want to do. Both questions are of equal importance, and the answer of both affect the upcoming plans for your own business, that's why — spend enough time to figure that out.

Will be continued.

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