Today is the first day of the Stress-free Freelancing blog.

What is that kind of blog?

Well, since a while I am thinking about how to become a freelancer and set up my own business. There are 1000 of questions in my mind which stop me doing this and which I will try to answer while writing here. On the other hand side by begin of this year, I made only one new year resolution: not getting stressed or learning to deal better with stress. For my birthday mid-January, I got a present the book from Gretchen Rubin – The Happiness Project. I am still reading the book (I am not a fast reader). But what I read yet was enough to inspire me to start this blog.

I’ll try to find the answers to the 1000 questions, which I mentioned before and probably,  hopefully, to get some input from the outside world – from you, my readers.

And the sketches?

Well, this is my way to relax. I draw the things around me: the street, my cup of coffee or my teddy-bear like here. And because the topic of this blog is stress-free I decided it fits to share the product of my anti-stress strategy.
Enjoy and I will see you here soon!

Best, Eva


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