How to achieve your goals

As I mentioned before the inspiration for this blog was Gretchen Rubin’s book the Happiness Project. Since I discovered her, I’ve been visiting her website every day to keep on track with her last ideas. I was quite curious to see the very first blog post of her, back from the year 2006.  The post is printed in her book The Happiness Project, but it is different to see it on the screen – a small piece of history. Of course, it is the same what I read in the book – but it was exciting to see it online!
Her first post ends with this:

A small daily task, if it be really daily, will beat the labours of a spasmodic Hercules. –Anthony Trollope

Why am I reposting this?

Well, while talking about resolutions, framework and plan for the next months or even years, it is worth to think about how the way to the goals could look like.

I would say it sounds like a long journey with an unknown end. Long or short, a trip is always an exciting experience. At the beginning. At some point, you realise that you have to make some efforts to continue this journey, to get to the next level, to make the next decision, the next experience, the next whatever it might be.
About all of this next steps there is a beautiful story written by Michael Ende in his children’s book Momo (also known as The Grey Gentlemen or The Men in Grey):

Momo is the small girl,

with the wild, black curly hairs, who just appeared one day. She can listen to the people very carefully, and for this reason, the people love her. One of her best friends is Beppo – the Streetsweeper. He sweeps the streets from one end to the other, and once he finishes, he just starts again from the first end. He says rather look at the far end of the street is better just to think about the next small piece in front of one. While sweeping his broom he is making one move with each breath, and then one step, next broom move, another breath, another step, and so on, till he reaches the end of the street.

It is one of the most beautiful and useful advice how to deal with goals, big projects or ideas – keep doing them daily and don’t think about the end of it.

Breath in, make a step, breath out.

I will see you back here tomorrow.

Best, Eva

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