How to improve menthal health?

Following up the quote of hardy soul lives in a healthy body, the second task for this month is finding ways to improve one’s mental health. Probably you remember mental health and confidence build the second peer in my house model.


First to avoid any misapprehension here: I am not looking for help or psychological support, I am not depressed, or burned-out and I are not panicking. I am looking for ways to get more relax, to deal better with what I call inside stress and to stay more resilient against outside stress.

Whenever I am stressed I realise how negative this affects my life – I can’t enjoy any free time activities, don’t sleep well, I start nagging and complaining about everything and everyone. I am not a pleasant company. This is what I would like to change or at least minimise.


There is only one scientifically proven way to improve the ability to deal with stress as an adult, and this is meditation. I say as an adult because there are other techniques to grow the resilience while one is a child, but those need to be started from the very early stage. That’s why I’d stay here on the methods which are accessible for adults.

Wikipedia says:

Meditation is a practice where an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or for the mind to simply acknowledge its content without becoming identified with that content,[1] or as an end in itself.[2]

What happens while meditating?

Through regular practising of meditation, the parasympathetic nervous system (PNSN – the one that regulates the body’s unconscious actions like breath, digestion, sexual arousal, etc.) get activated, and some parts of the brain and body get changed. The activation of the “rest & digest” part of the nervous system affect the ability of the brain to stay stable in a stressful situation, which is what one need to achieve to feel less stressed.

What am I going to do? –

Start to meditate again.
I mentioned here already headspace – and I think the time to subscribe properly is arriving now and I’ll do it.
Ten minutes a day, guided meditation is a good way to start. I already tried it and noticed that it made me feel better. To achieve long-term results, it is necessary to practice on a regular basis, ideally every day.

I think this is doable and I will make those 10 min time in my every-day schedule.
A report will follow.

Yours, Eva


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