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Usually, before I start doing something, I would like to be perfectly prepared for it. This preparation could take very long time and could be very constraining too. Voltaire said once: the perfect is the enemy of the good, which explains quite well, why so many good ideas never got realised and why some people (including me) almost never get done something completely.
If this is blog is a good idea – I don’t know, the time will show. Even if none ever read it, it will be a good way for me to structure my thoughts and ideas and to move forward.
And now mentioning the word structure I can start with it. As an architect I like structure, and I can deal with it. To have one is a good way to start a new project. To setting up a structure will take me a while, I think so  I will start with my notes which I’ve done recently. The topics were: What I like and What is good for me. Here my answers:

What do I like?

1. Music
2. Order/System
3. Healthy food
4. Nature –green parks, sea, mountains, etc.
5. Exercising
6. Cinema

What is good for me?

1. Drawing
2. Handicraft work
3. Routine/Structure
4. Music
5. Morning Routine

The last one is very specific, but I wrote it because I realised that if I hurry up in the morning, I get stressed, and when I arrived in the office stressed I don’t enjoy my work., which is a real problem for me.

When I don’t enjoy my job, I cannot concentrate, and because of that, I cannot find any motivation. Suddenly the day becomes longer and longer; I don’t get anything done, which makes me frustrated, crabby and more unmotivated. At this point, the circle is closed, and I can do very few things to make my day better again. For this reason is the morning routine one of the basics, it becomes critical to this way, and that makes it easy for me to stay on it.

Those are the notes. They are in German but it doesn’t matter, they are still in our kitchen, and I am happy I’ve done them.


I am curious, how do you organise your mornings? Have you got a routine?
Drop a line or left a comment here, I will appreciate your sharings!

See you soon.

Best, Eva







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