International day of Happiness

The 20th March is the international day of happiness!


What did you do today?

For me the day was perfect: first, we visit the preview from Eddie the Eagle at the Everyman Cinema at Baker Street. Delicious coffee,  tasty croissants while watching this fantastic movie – it was a boost for happiness and feeling in love, like almost nothing else!

The afternoon I spent drawing, working on a small graphic project. I just lost myself in it, and it was recovering, refreshing, and inspiring. Here is the result:


Chicago Skyline

I decided to use this image for today’s post because for me this is the best description of happiness: to lose yourself in what you are doing? Which is yours?

Look forward to hearing from you and I will see you back here tomorrow.

Best, Eva









  1. Thank you for this comment, Alyce.
    I agree with the obsession about happiness nowadays. But for me personally to be happy or not happy is like the light and the shadow: one cannot see the light if there is no shadow and so one can feel happy if one was unhappy or just neutral before. In general the positiv and negativ feelings change and follow up, which is a good way to stay able to enjoy the positiv and be aware of the negativ.
    A german Autor Eckart von Hirschhausen said once: at some point the happiness is over for a while and this is the happy part of being unhappy.

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