June Resolutions

This time I am excellent prepared and can start with my month resolutions on the first day of June!

The decision about the topics for June was a result of my work in the last couple of weeks as a freelancer at PeoplePerHour or just helping out friends: I found myself without a proper presentation of what I am doing, and also I have an idea for business, but I don’t have a brand. It is even worst: I design business cards for another people but don’t have an own one… This is not the best first impression that one can make.
For this reason, MY BRAND is one of the topics for June.

The next one is based on my house model graphic, and at this one, you can see that on top of the foundations the base slab is sitting, which is nothing less than our social life.


Social life includes all kind of contacts that one enjoys, appreciate and is happy to develop further. Those could be family, old friends from school, the acquaintance from the last business event, people who one know “only” online from Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter or those who we meet every day in the favourite coffee shop. All those connections build a mesh around us which can help us, support us, probably improve us and inspire. The most popular word for this is a network, but I like quite a lot the word mesh — it sounds for me more cosy and personal.
However, the second topic for June is CONNECTING or taking care of my contacts. That means to meet friends if they live around or to call them if they not; to write people who I haven’t heard for a while or ages and to get in touch with new people who I know from the online or the real world.

Nonetheless, sport and meditation are on the top of my list again. Those two topics will stay on the top of each list for the next couple of months anyway. A short reminder why I am doing this, you can find here.

As I said this time I am well prepared, so here is the ready-to-go list for June:


If you like this list or would like to use the template to set up your resolutions, I am happy to send you a printable A4 copy of it. Don’t hesitate to drop me a line at stressfree{dot}freelancing{at}gmail{dot}com and I will send you the PDF of the list immediately for your use. You can print it, pin it on your fridge and see your progress from day to day!

A good start in the new month!

Yours, Eva



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