Learning from the best – September’s conclusion

The post title sounds a bit bombastic, I know, but when your favourite blogger answers your email, everyone feels bombastic.
I started this blog when I read Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project. The book was inspiring and enlightening. I don’t read a lot of contemporary literature. Usually, the authors of my favourite books lived 100 years ago. The fact that I read a book of someone who goes to the New York Library at the same time when I go for lunch, impressed me a lot. And Gretchen Rubin mentioned in her book that she got in touch with a few bloggers at the beginning of her career as a writer. I wrote her. Just a few sentences to say thank you for this inspiration and to show her my admiration for her work.
A few days later I got an answer. This email made my day.
I wrote to a few other bloggers since then. Two of them responded.

Then recently I was browsing through Penelope Trunk’s blog and was linked to a personality test, based on the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator. I did it; it turns out that I am INFJ.
A day or two later I received an email from Penelope Trunk. I assumed this was an automatically generated one, even if it sounded very human. She wrote me that she offered career oriented courses based on the personal types and invited me to join one of them.
I answered that I appreciated her email and offer, but I couldn’t afford it now even though it sounds fascinating.
She wrote back saying she would give me a discount. I think this email was not an automatic one.
I wrote that sounds great, in that case, I may be able to afford it.
Her colleague sent me a discount code for 50% off which expired a couple of days later.
I booked the course and started it.
The day after another email from Penelope popped into my mailbox, offering her help if I have any questions. Yes, I do have questions – not a lot but big questions about career and decision making and choices…  I don’t know a lot of people who are experienced at entrepreneurship, and I prefer talking to a real person instead of reading internet articles.
I wrote Penelope again asking her questions.
And she replied again; this was yesterday.
I liked the answer; now I need to figure out how to implement it exactly in my working life.

Anyway, my point is: communication includes answering emails and communication is essential for any relationships, business included.
Both ladies are quite famous, and I am sure they are busy. They’ve got children, husband, animals, etc. Somehow they manage to answer their emails. I don’t care if they do it personally or with an excellent app. They simply do it.

What did those conversations do to me?
They make me feel good.
They make me feel right in what I am doing.
They force me to spend money – ok, this is better for them than for me, but I will learn something.
And I like Penelope and Gretchen more because they seem to exist, they are alive, real people. They are still my stars, but nevertheless, they are normal women with a unique talent.

This experience was my most valuable lesson for September. I am a lazy email writer. My self-created imposed goal to answer each email within seven days didn’t work for long. Now I felt more motivated to do so and started working backwards through my emails.

Hopefully, this stories inspires you to replay as well.
If not, write me an email, and I will answer you, then you can see how it feels to get a reply from your star.

Enjoy your weekend, and I will see you soon!

Yours, Eva







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