Loose Ends – the may resolutions

May already started and keeping in mind the last few weeks, which were sometimes very stressful for me, I decided to call the resolution for this month “Loose Ends”. Everything that I started but hasn’t finished in April needs to be completed in May.

It sounds like an easy job, but I am afraid I will be quite busy. The reason is that besides my monthly resolutions I got a few small graphic jobs, some paid, some for friends or former colleagues that I love to do, to create a personal portfolio and increase my network. And of course, I still have a regular job at an architectural practice. For this reason, I think it would be useful to complete the jobs that I started and get some time to prepare my start properly as a freelancer.
In the short free time that I hopefully will have, I will look for inspiring ideas, models, samples for freelancing, Entrepreneurship, etc., and I will read. Short intermezzo on the last one: after reading a few simple English books I borrow three weeks ago The Oracle Night by Paul Auster from the Kentish Town Library. I was so proud that I can read it without using the dictionary for every second word. Even if it just a novel I want to read it, and I think it fits perfectly to the resolution of the month. That’s why reading for sure this book.
Ok, let’s see what is missed:

  • Exercises of Mindfulness – 5 more left
  • A proper presentation of headspace here and my experiences with it
  • Finishes re-design of stationary for my first client on people per hour
  • Completes the design for a home-made honey company for a friend of mine
  • Preparing first drafts for another two graphic jobs that are on the holding line for a very long time yet
  • Collecting inspiration, ideas, and keeping records of those

Well, this is a proper plan, but there are 21 days till the end of May, so by doing every day a little bit, shouldn’t be a problem.

Tomorrow I will write about the 3 rd. The exercise of Mindfulness. If you forgot the first two, just have a look here. I am looking forward to it and wish you a stress-free evening!

Yours, Eva



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