Mindfulness — Step 3

The 3rd exercise of mindfulness is the most important one — it is the one that helps us to approach a healthy and reasonable way of dealing with our feelings. The goal of it is to get aware of our emotions.
Quite often we try to avoid, change or even abnegate the way we feel and this is where the troubles come from. All of this actions bring nothing but difficulties to understand ourselves and to react adequately to the outside world.
But — if we become aware of what we feel, we become conscious of what happens to us. When we are aware of ourselves, we can act and react consciously to the world around us. It sounds simple, but it is not because to be aware of something means nothing more or less than to be aware: no judging, no wishing, no try’s to change the current stage. Pure awareness of what is it.
This is the significant step to stay in the famous “Here and Now”.
We are not trying to make plans to change our feelings, and we don’t spend the time to regret what we’ve done in the past, we are only aware of what happens in this one moment and nothing more. This is the reality, and it is more compelling than the past, that is gone and the future that we can’t see and manipulate. The reality is the day, hour or the minute, simply the time when WE have the chance to do what we want to do, to choose and to decide, actually it is the best opportunity that one can ever have.

The exercise works similar to the previous two including one further step:

Starting when you wake up – stay for a moment in the position where you are and focus on your body: how are you lying, where do you feel the contact to the bed or dove. Stay there and feel your body for a while.
After that bring the attention to your current feeling and try to name them.
Probably you can locate your feeling in one part of your body.  Bring the attention to this part and try only to stay aware of how does this part feel.
Just feel, don’t think about it, don’t wish to be different, don’t judge, just be aware of it.

After a while, you finish the exercise by focusing back to the body, of its position and the contact with the bed.
Try to repeat the exercise a couple of time a day, when you have a quite minute and it suits you. After a while, you will discover how easy and joyful could be to stay in the present moment and only to be aware of now.

Be aware of body – Be aware of feeling
Be aware of feeling in the body
Be aware of body
Finish exercise

By Jessica Wilker

This exercise is excellent basic for those of us who’d like to practice meditation. It is very similar to the concept used by headspace. So if you like to start practising meditation or even you already do this, try this little bit of mindfulness training, it helps a lot to get prepared for longer meditation sessions.

Happy practising!

Yours, Eva


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