The morning routine

I am stuck with putting together the final list of my commandments and the structure for the next 12 months or so. For this reason, I’d have a look back and see what I have achieved since the begin of 2016.

One of my discoveries over the last couple of months was the fact a lot of successful people wake up early and do some work, or sport or something essential before they go to work or however the day is going to start. Some other people, less successful but passionate about their hobbies wake up early to riding bikes with their friends on the empty streets of London. I was impressed when I heard this from one of my colleagues.

Even if I am a real night person, I realised that I don’t like to spend my evenings in the office, even more I would like to leave the office earlier than the usual 6pm. But this doesn’t work if one starts working at 9:30h like the most people to here in UK.

The other issue for me is that an open space office is challenging for me. It is tough for me to get focused in the middle of chatting, yapping, laughing, coffee machine noise, etc. As an introvert person, I need time ahead to get prepared and balanced on the office desk.

Pretty interesting, that was not very difficult because it meant to me to wake up at the same time, which I was used to from Germany, around 7,30am. Well, I didn’t win more time because of doing this. Waking up, having a shower, dressing and making up, walking to the office. Yes, this is my biggest plus in London – to live and work in the same area, that enables to me to walk to the office for 10 minutes. Arriving at work at 8:30 am give me the time in advance which I needed to get ready, but I still got my breakfast there, spend some time on Internet and – have, to be honest here – I started working 30-45min later. That was OK for me, but at some point, I realised that I spend much more time in the office that I effectively worked and that annoyed me. No one paid me for this, I didn’t get more satisfaction of being there, and there were still those mornings where I spent too much time on looking for the right clothes or putting my makeup or just woke up 15 min later. This situation stressed me, I became impatient with everyone and everything, and this made me feel like a bad person. I don’t like it.

Luckily mid of January my partner started a new job in the city. He prefers to start working around 8 am and because he spends sometimes with travelling, he wakes up at 6:30 am. This is early for me!

I spent some time thinking about this and found out there are two possibilities:

1. I sleep longer than he does, but in the evening we will go earlier to bed and the time that we can spend together will be shorter
2. I wake up with him, we are going to have the same rhythms, but I need to find out what to do with the more time that I am going to have in the morning.

I choose the second version.

The first days were tough for me. He woke me up, I went to the kitchen and was sleepy and unable for conversation or help of preparing breakfast or anything else. But there were one thing that I enjoyed – the smell of coffee and toast. By the end of the first week, I started to feel more comfortable with the situation. I didn’t like talking in the early morning. For his job my partner has to read the news before he goes to the office, so he is not keen on having a long chat in the morning. OK, not chatting a lot was fine for both of us. I enjoyed having music in the morning. Spotify offers to browse for different moods – “Your good morning coffee” playlist is my favourite for the early hours. I didn’t enjoy it to eat a lot, immediately after waking up. So, I started the day with my green tea (I read that is the most healthier way to start the day, unless you prefer lukewarm water), staring out of the window and watching my boyfriend reading the news.

In the second week, I could see the most beautiful red-pink-white sky in the middle of winter over London, which disappeared 15min later. I thought – Wow, this is the reward of waking up early, but you have to be there to catch it! I started to like the early hours.

Now, a few weeks later the morning routine is set up, I would say to 90%.

Waking up, go to the bathroom, go to the kitchen following the smell of coffee and toast and the sound of music.

Having a tea, a bit later having breakfast, writing a list for the day, reading a short article in my graphic magazine, checking emails. The additional time I use for some homework, like doing the laundry, unloading the dishwasher, tidying up the bedroom, sorting clothes in the wardrobe and another similar stuff. It is not spectacular like riding a bike at Regents Park like my colleague, or playing tennis, like Anna Wintour apparently does, but it is something that is important to me, and I enjoy cleaning and tidying up. That’s why I would say it is a first small accomplishment on the way of finding “my way”.

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