My commandments

It is obvious—I love lists, plans and system. That’s why I spent some thoughts and put together a list of own truths, or a set of rules that I follow, sometimes even unconsciously, that navigate me like a compass through my everyday life. Here is the result:

1. Trust my feeling and be Eva

My intuition never lies me. I forget this quite often and follow other people’s opinion, which isn’t good for me. Now, I will try to remember this and trust my gut feelings and act how it feels right for me.

2. Treat others like I want to be treated

It sounds probably silly, but I believe in good karma, bad energy and physic: To every action follows a reaction. A decisive action calls a definite answer, a negative one—negative reply. It is simple, and it can change the most challenging relationships as per wonder.

3. Do it now

This is not a motivation quote, this is how things happen: they have to be done. Now.

4. Remember everyone wants to be loved

The reason why some peoples are so difficult is that they missed love or respect. The easiest way for me to deal with difficult people is to remember this. It doesn’t mean to allow them to do everything to me, but it helps to understand them and approach them with less anger and more patience.

5. Enjoy the moment

It happens now and here, and this is the time fo appreciation.

6. Do sport

I am fortune with my health and my body, but it helps my mind so much that I just don’t wanna miss it for long.

7. Don’t get everything too serious

This is challenging for me because I tempt to be serious about everything, but I will do my best!

8. Make decisions rather than later

It is self-explained I think – sometimes the best decision is every decision. Get the facts together, evaluated them, hear what your heart says and decide. I spent a lot of time in past not able to decide anything. And I regret it now. In the end, I learned a lot, yes, but the time is gone and cannot turn it back and use it for the things that I wish I could have done in this time. That’s why now I try to decide fast and move ahead.

9. I wish I had nine commandments, but the 9th one could be to remember the previous eight.

What are your commandments? How do you stick to them?
Sharing experiences would be nice.

I will be back here soon.

Best, Eva

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