What I’ve learned about productivity?

The reason for the silence here was my weekend in Germany where the Internet is just not everywhere. This is not a critic; it is a statement and endorsement for life offline.

It was such a relaxing weekend although from 4 days there I spent almost a day on the train and did an amount of work, which is my point here.
I think there are two main reasons for me to observe the German’s life as relaxing:

  1. A lot of parts in Germany are not so vibrant and busy like London, especially Bavaria and the country side around Munich.
  2. The people around me and I as well didn’t spend so much time online. There is no Internet on the tube nor the train, and even in the cities, free Internet is not available everywhere, like here in London.

The result was that I spend a lot of time with friends, family, and had plenty of time for reading, sleeping and working.
How was that possible? —— I decided to go on this weekend even with an enormous amount of work for my freelance graphic project, so I set up an aim to work wherever is possible and to get my work done before Saturday evening. I wanted to enjoy the family dinner, and I knew I could only do it if I finished all of my “homework” before.

I was always thought that I couldn’t get focus if I don’t have at least block of 3-4 hours. I felt I needed time to “get to the task”, remember the last steps I’ve done, find the path again, and so on…

This time I acted differently, and here is what happened:

Thursday afternoon
– I took the train to Stansted – 30 min work.
– Waiting for boarding – – 20 min work
– Train from the airport to Munich – City – 45min
– Next train – 20 min.

– Train Munich-Frankfurt – 2,5h work

– In the morning – 1hour work
– At the afternoon – 1-hour work
– Mail to the client – 15min

All together 6,6hours!

I couldn’t believe it, but it happened, and it was unbelievable!
I used the time which we’ve often labelled as “lost” and suddenly it was good to spend time on real work, I wasn’t bored, I wasn’t stressed, and I could enjoy the rest of the time which was 100% free time.

I read a real book instead of twitter posts, I read as well the saved searches on my phone browser, which was interested in, did my run on Saturday, and I did enjoy the Saturday dinner! And the most important — I relaxed.
It is great to have an Internet access everywhere, but it’s much better not to have Internet access the entire time.

The mantra for today is: — keep a mindset from a German village, and not the one from London (at least just for a day). And it still works!

I hope you all had a good start in this week and I wish you are relaxing and productive another four working days!

Best, Eva



  1. It is not very easy but it’s a beginning and for now I am working on very small freelance projects. I hope in near future I could get bigger jobs and switch the working hours – more for freelancing, less for employer job while earning enough money.
    But the short answer is — discipline and enthusiasm for what I am doing.

    Thank you for your like!

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