Resolutions progress – Part 1

It is near the end of the month, and this is a good time to have a look how the first part spring resolutions are going. One of those was the analogue diary. And here are my experiences with it:

The analogue diary

Buying a paper calendar is one of my best decisions for this year!
In the beginning, I wasn’t sure if I would have enough space for everything that I want to write, but then I decided to put there only three types of information:

1. My calendar dates (this is what diary is about)
2. Important to do’s for each week, like bringing a package to the post office, or doing an important call abroad –this are only personal to do’s
3. What I spend in cash– to keep track on expenses which I can’t find later on my bank statement.

The only thing what I need to think about is to take this small book everywhere with me. Once in the last two weeks, I forgot it, but apart from it, it is always with me.
When I get to the office in the morning, I put it on my desk right next to the computer and my water bottle, home it is on the kitchen table. I have it literary everywhere with me; it became one my “must have with me” items: keys, the bottle of water, purse, phone, dairy, sketchpad or/and book.



I like to see on a piece of paper how my week looks like and I like the feeling when I write something in my diary with my hand. It feels to me if I had more control over my calendar and my time, and I do like this feeling!

I will keep it, and I would recommend it to everyone with a full schedule and plenty of work dates, hobbies and private events.

How do you keep your schedule on track? Analog, digital or do you mix of both?
Let me know, I am excited about your ideas!

See you soon.

Best, Eva





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