Resolutions report – Part 2

Following up the post from yesterday, the resolutions report for today is about:

The email inbox

My email a slightly complicated story than the dairy and not so pleasant as well. Unfortunately.

The truth is that for every person who is not completely in IT, computerising or any other kind of modern technologies, mailing is just another tool to stay in touch with the outside world for private and for business reasons. I am one of this average user. I just want to have a proper easy to use an email account. Ideally, it can sort on its own the email for me, and I just need to read and replay them.
Ok, this is the theory.

The reality is that even an average user like me at some point need to spent some time and effort to achieve some degree of order in their inbox and if I wish to have a proper structure there I have to spend a little bit more time than just 15min for the last two weeks.

Anyway I found out a couple of things:
– Google cannot recover your google email account if you don’t  have a minimum information which matches with their records. Not even a Google co-worker could help out if one don’t remember the answers to the asked questions.
– There is the recovery form from Google Mail, and this is the only way how one can recover his/her account.
I will make it short –– it didn’t work for me.
That’s why I concentrate on my existing gmx account.

The steps forward

First I unsubscribed all the newsletters that I am not interested in anymore.
Because I read my emails mostly on my phone, I’ve changed the setting there, and now when I delete an email on the phone, it gets removed from the server within one week.
The last and more difficult step were and still is, how to tackle answering my email.
I set up a rule: don’t wait longer than seven days with a reply.
On the weekend I sat down and wrote five emails to friends which were overdue. It was hard, I didn’t enjoy it so much, but I was proud of me that I did it. I complain quite often about not having a lot of friends or losing my friendships because I moved to another city or another country. But I realised, there is no other way to keep friendships but to communicate with this people. I am not on Facebook yet, so I have no other choice than making call phones or writing emails. And I just did it.

Well, the conclusion after those two weeks is:
– Having a diary is a useful way to stay on track, it helps me, and it makes me feel better. I will keep it.
– Dealing with my emails is more work, not enjoyable but necessary for my private contacts and social life. It is an effort, but I will keep the seven days rule.

It feels like a good basis to start with my April Resolutions, and I am looking forward to it!

Best, Eva

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