The birth of Carta Nova

It is the end of July, and it is time for a month review, actually for two of those. I haven’t done one in June because I was not finished with the resolutions for the month, so I extended the time for those through the July.

June tasks were communication and branding. Fairly soon I discovered that a strong brand needs a strong business plan. I focused on a that and paralleled with it I set up a brand guides for my business idea. More about this in a few moments.
Communication will be a topic of another post.

Sport and Meditation, as always, were the permanent tasks for those months. In some weeks I did a lot of meditation and nearly no sport. But there were also weeks when I spent a reasonable amount of time with both. Those are contentiously tasks, and I am happy to write them on the top of every following resolutions list. I decided to look for a new sports studio and to stick to the activities I like – yoga, pilates, dance.
Regardless, the primary goal of this post is to present my biggest achievement of the last two months. And this is:

Branding or the birth of Carta Nova.

The business idea I mentioned a few times already is called Carta Nova. It is a studio for graphic and concept design, with a focus on brand and corporate interior design strategies.


A while ago I choose the name Carta Nova because I thought I am going to do something with paper and bookbinding. In the meantime, I realised I like to keep bookbinding just as a hobby or integrate it into small size projects. But I fell in love with the name, so I kept it.

The name carta nova means “new paper.” Every idea comes first on paper and paper is the outcome of the most advert and branding materials, and as an architect paper is a medium for me to transport ideas, information, projects. New refers to the focus of Carta Nova – the creating of unique ideas for new and future needs.
This description is part of my elevator pitch, the branding for Carta Nova was a process that started with collecting buzz words, colour palettes, and typefaces according to the main idea of the business. The buzzwords answered the questions regarding clients, the impression I’d like to make and type and standards of products and services I offer. Of course, I also considered my favourite colours and typeface, because the brand identity of Carta Nova reflects part of my identity as well.
Retrospectively I will write about this steps in more detail over the next weeks, but for now, I am happy to present you the start page my Carta Nova website:

If you feel engaged, please get in touch with me, and I will be happy to take you to the next exciting design journey!

Yours, Eva



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