The house model

As promised now I can present the concept of my framework. After a lot of thinking I finally had the idea for that! Two days ago it was suddenly in my head, and I was thrilled about it!! It is based on the model of a house, probably because I am an architect. The idea is simple –- it compares a person or better a life of a person with the primary structure of a house. I call it

The house model

Like for every house (or every building, despite its size), there are certain criteria in life, and in this case, it is my life, that needs to comply, to enable success and happiness to this person, here – to me. That means in detail:


Every house needs a foundation which supports it and keeps it safe. Equal to this for me is the health—PHYSICAL and MENTAL, which needs to be provided to keep me safe and well-being. They can not be provided, sure,  I need to take cafe of them continuously, to keep them “working” for me for the reasonable longest period.

Resting on the foundation is the BASE SLAB, that I thing equal to the SOCIAL LIFE of a person, to my social life. This is my family, my friends, my partner and all other social contacts – in the real world or online. The people whom I trust and who trust me, who know me and support me, inspire me and believe in what I am doing. And vice versa.
Because of this, I will set up a birthday book.

The Walls

They present what we call everyday life – going to work, having hobbies, doing stuff. This blog and I for the moment are focused on working process, that’s why the walls are here WORK and HOBBIES. Every day professional life gives one a structure and a routine, that provides to one a security—mental, financial, social, and a certain independence. If you feel safe and secure you spent time on things that you enjoy, you are interested in or because they are fun for you. And here we are in the “middle of the house” where is the place for FUN, PLEASURE, JOY, and CREATIVITY.

The inside

I wrote on the diagram “Just happens” which is probably not entirely correct. If the basics are there, like health, friends & family, work, equally enough money, it is easier to have fun, to enjoy your free time however it might look like – you are free. This freedom is what one needs to be creative. Of course, there are, and there were a lot of artists who were/are either wealthy, nor healthy, but this is the case when someone lives for the art.In my case it is slightly different, – I love to be creative, but I need to know that I have some support and safety behind me.
Years ago it happened to me to lost my job. I didn’t even like the job that I had, but the fact that I was not going to get paid and not going to have any safety stressed me enormously. Fortunately, as an employee in Germany, I had an unemployment insurance. After two visits at the council, I got some money for my rent and living, and this was everything that I needed. In this time I had some of the most inspiring time in my life—volunteering at the theatre and doing stage design.

So, when everything is put in place – foundation, slab, and walls, the roof can rise, and this is nothing less than SUCCESS and HAPPINESS!

What’s next?

So far the model. Over the next months, I will take steps to improve every one of this elements. The important one for me are the walls—hobbies and work. I will post about my progress here and hope this will inspire or help some of you to start their projects.

I will see you soon.

Best, Eva



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