What I’ve learned from Easter

Hello, everyone!

I hope you had relaxing Easter and are back to the regular life full of energy, joy and optimism for the next days!

My Easter Holiday was beautiful, relaxing and even productive, but it was the opposite of what I expected. However, it was a lesson for me, which I need to remember for future tasks and this is to start on time.

My idea for Easter

Was that we are going to travel somewhere, where the sun is constantly shining, and the weather is warm for sure. The imagination to spent the whole winter and spring in London was somewhat of frightening.

End of February I started looking for flights and realised – the destination where the sun is constantly shining were the most expensive as well. I realised – I was already too late with booking. A few days later I started another try with the same result – too expensive. It took a couple of days to come over the disappointment and to accept the idea that we are going to stay in England. But then I thought even if the weather is not perfect we can visit some lovely romantic city, go outside of the town on the country side and have relaxing time there. I’ve asked friends and colleagues about tips and at some point I had this idea of being in the countryside probably somewhere around Cambridge, spending romantic time with my boyfriend while hiking or visiting interesting places with a long history and impressively architecture. Unfortunately talking and thinking about trips is no part of preparing trips.

At least on Thursday before Easter we sat down and started Google accommodations in Cambridge, the countryside around London and the coast near Brighton and Seven Sisters.
It was depressing – we didn’t know anything about the areas, the prices were OK but not cheap, and the weather report was everything else but sunny.

The choices were:

To blow up my monthly budget with one-weekend adventure, somewhere in England, with rainy weather, wind and thunder or to stay in London and make the best of it. My boyfriend was alright with the staying in London—he just wanted to have a nice time with me without my laptop—and he didn’t care if we are in or outside the city. Another night of sleeping over it.
On Friday morning after one last check on the weather report, I was able to say OK, let’s stay in London. We spent the day in Regents Park and went for dinner with friends.
On Saturday we cycled to Victoria Park where we went for a walk around the park; did a “pit stop” at the park pub and afterwards, we cycled in the strongest rain for the day back to Soho to visit a fancy restaurant.
On Sunday we just stayed at home, reading and drinking coffee, later tee; when the rain stopped for two hours each of us went for a run. Then my boyfriend cooked dinner, I changed my yoga pants for a cute skirt, and we had nice dinner with red wine and funny conversation; afterwards, he played video games, and I spent some time on my own. And similar was the Monday.

I have to say: it was fantastic! It was relaxing, good for our relationship and productive, yes. I did a bit of work, but after spending so much time together, it was no problem for him to see me behind my laptop.

The conclusion

The long weekend was a good lesson for me that even the free-time sometimes needs to be planned to be free and relaxing. In cities like London where the possibilities are countless, it is quite easy to get lost in this number of occasions not knowing which one to choose. Getting stressed on the weekend because of the pressure to decide what to do, is probably the worst way of spending time. It is exhausting and frustrating, and it is wasted time.
For this reason, I try to make fast decisions regarding free time in London. And after this weekend I will start with the plans for the next holiday in May next week – just to make sure that everything is done on time and we only need to get on the aeroplane and enjoy our trip!

Here the Magnolia are blooming which is the very sign that the spring is coming! Enjoy!

And I will see you back here soon.

Best, Eva



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