Who inspires me for blogging

I think in the early days of this blog is worth to mention the people who inspired me to start with it.
My very first inspiration about blogging was Austin Kleon when I read his book Show your work about two years ago. When I finish it, I launched a small blog on Tumblr where I post my hand sketches and collect inspiration from elsewhere – my Tumblr blog.
For a long time, Austin Kleon was the only blogger who I was interested in, I read all of his books, subscribed to his newsletter, and I even asked my boyfriend to get a signed copy for me from his newspaper blackout.  The book was delivered only in the States and a year ago, a few weeks before Christmas, one could order a copy of the book which was signed by Austin personally—it was fantastic, a perfect Christmas present!



On Tumblr step by step, I discovered a lot of interesting people, most of them artists. Probably because Tumblr is very easy to use regarding uploading images, and because of my interests. Anyway, there are a couple of people who are writing interesting stuff, like philosophy essays or poetry. It is inspiring to read this. Try it:




After a while, I discovered Penelope Trunk with her Career Advises Blog, which includes a lot of another interesting ideas and thoughts.

And recently I got this book from Gretchen RubinThe happiness project that I just love! Honest, lighting up and encouraging – this was the one that motivated me to start writing in a foreign language.

Well, now I am here, writing a blog about the things that I am interested in and that are important to me. It was one advice from Austin – do the stuff that you are interested in, or write the book (here only the blog) that you would like to read.

Thank you, guys, for your inspiration, good ideas, and motivation!

Yours, Eva






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  1. My favorite blogs ares marginal revolution.com and datingforeconomists.com. Both apply economics to everything important in life. Hope you go far with your blogs.

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