My April Resolutions: why starting with sport?

The second quarter of the year and the first month of my program for stress-free freelancing—April.

Although my very first and most important resolution for this year is to reduce stress, I found myself during the last couple of weeks extremely stressed, again. Why?
For once I put too much on my plate: in addition to the freelance graphic job, I still wanted to take part in two poster competitions, both due by the end of March. At the same time, I wanted to help out a friend with the branding for her home made honey company, and I started a typography course on coursera. I spent every evening on the desk, couldn’t sleep well, was exhausted and by the end frustrated.
The other reason for the stress was that I didn’t find time for more exercising. Twice a week is not bad, but I would be happy if I can get one or two more classes weekly.
And the third last reason is, I believe, that I didn’t manage to deal with the mental aspect of stress. What I mean is to make time for relaxing activities, that are not sport necessary, but something that brings one to the famous state of “flow” – full concentration, forgetting about the world around you, and letting your brain do what it wants.

After those experiences, just three months after the beginning of the year, I decided to set up the resolution for this month based on The House model and to start with the foundation of it – PHYSICAL and MENTAL HEALTH, STRENGTH & CONFIDENCE.

Luckily, I can say that I am fit, confident and have enough resilience for a lot of the everyday life challenges. I don’t need to take care of a series health issue or to deal with the psychological problems. What I wish is to bring more relaxation in my life and to be able to enjoy it; to make exercising and at least one mental activity, which leads me to flow and become an everyday life habit.

OK, let’s have a look at this list. The topic for today is


I don’t need to mention that exersising is healthy. Playing sport helps us to stay in shape, to keep a lower level of blood sugar and increase the vital capacity of our lungs. All these factors provide better body conditions, strength the immune system which is essential against a lot of diseases.
Even more, sport helps against stress and make happy. Through exercising the human brain produce its opioids, called Endorphins (“endogenous morphine”). Those are the reason to feel lightened up and exhilarated after a run, a swimming class or cycling tour. Marathon runners, for example, seems to be stable and relatively high positive comparing to their exhaustion during the run, because of the massive production of endorphins. This helps them to keep moving and to feel happier than ever before.
A high level of endorphins in the body contributes to stay active and relax, and those attitudes are a significant basis in a stressful situation.

What’s about sport in my life.

Well, it is one of those relationships which started very confident, but at some point, I didn’t find it cool enough to keep doing it. This was back in the time as a teenager in Bulgaria. As a child, I did enjoy sport at school. I always wanted to do acrobatic or ballet, but for both, the teacher said that I am too tall and didn’t allow me to visit the classes (yes, something like this was possible in the communistic East Europe).
Anyway, years later in Germany, I discovered sport again. Almost everyone around me went for a run twice a week or did some other kind of exercise.
Running was difficult at the beginning because my knees somehow didn’t like it. But I got rid of the knees pain, and now I can enjoy every run.
There were times when I didn’t do any sport, and there were other times when I exercised six days a week. The middle is what I would like to achieve by the end of this month – 3 (to 4) days a week with time for sport in my diary. It shouldn’t be so difficult, once a week I take a Zumba class, and every weekend I go for a run. I need to find another day (or two) during the week for Yoga or dance class.
Next to my office is a new Yoga studio,  I will test it this week and see if this one could fit into my program.


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